Monday, April 21, 2008

Spine Model

The experiment we did was to show how the spine worked and what it is made out of. We used pipe cleaners, Gummy lifesavers, and round noodles. First, we put some noodles on a pipe cleaner. This represents a spine without cartilage. This spine would not bend. The noodles scraped against each other and broke easily. Then we took another pipe cleaner, noodles, and gummy lifesavers. We put the noodle on first followed by a gummy lifesaver, then another noodle. We continued this pattern until the pipe cleaner was full. We moved this spine and it moved smoothly, because the cartilage allowed the bones to move freely. This represents our spine. The pipe cleaner represented the spinal cord, Lifesavers are cartilage, and noodles are bones. Without cartilage, we would not be able to move very well and we could break the vertebrae easily. By Amanda and Robby

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